Friday, November 9, 2012

Auction Update!

This annual event is something that is very important to me. I have not been touched directly by breast  cancer, but know of so many who have. Because this even is so important, I have made a decision about the timing of the auction.
Sometimes several things can come together to create something huge by joining together (Hurricane Sandy anyone?) Sometimes several things come together and they diminish each other. This is the case with the Pink Minis Auction. My schedule, the time of year (on the brink of the Holiday’s), the election/economy, and the crowning touch, Hurricane Sandy all contributed to  my decision regarding the Auction:  I have decided to move the event to February 2013. It is too important and so many of you worked hard on your donation projects to not hold the event. So I want to delay it until after the Holiday season. We only had 12 submissions this year (comparted to 3+ times as many last year). By moving to February, it may give those who wanted to participate but couldn’t, the time to start/finish a project. Besides that….pink….Valentines….a perfect match!
Thank You!!